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An interactive 'book club' for discussing PBS NOVA science NOW
Welcome to novasciencenow, a community for watching and discussing science topics featured on PBS NOVA/scienceNOW.

Specific topic episodes of twelve-fifteen minutes are archived and available online in streaming vid at

NOVA/scienceNOW/Past Stories

You don't have to be a scientist or an expert - just be curious and share your thoughts! Interaction is what makes this more interesting - any of us could watch these eps on our own (and may well choose to see tons more than suggested here!) - but it's the shared commentary that makes it a community, and helps us to think outside our own box.

There are so many fascinating looking eps from this excellent series - let's explore the Wonderful World of Science!

Community Rules:

1. Each Thursday a member will choose an episode that particularly interests them from the Past Stories linked above. (The choice goes to whomever posts first, informally taking turns - unless it turns out we need to do weekly sign-ups)

2. Announce and post a link to your choice on Thursday with an introduction and info about why you chose that ep in particular - and then lead the discussion in comments there, starting on the weekend.

3. Watch the ep! All comm members and watchers may comment and discuss; only members may post to start a discussion.

4. Membership is open, posting is open, openminded discussion is welcome and encouraged. Please DO talk amongst yourselves!

5. Absolutely no flaming will be tolerated.

Reasonable minds may differ.